Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor

I recently decided to add a Calcium Reactor to my 200L  SPS tank. Up until now I had been maintaining my Calcium and Alkalinity levels using what is commonly known as Randy’s Two Part Recipe  I would make 4L at a time and decant each part to  a smaller bottle. The two parts were added to the tank using a dosing pump connected to a timer. While it served me well,  the tank is only 200L and I have always had trouble with the increasing salinity level, and my alkalinity level has never been stable. Since I also use the Zeovit method it is important to keep alkalinity levels as stable as possible. I had a look around for Calcium reactor with the following requirements.

  1.  Small footprint (there is not a lot of room left under the tank)
  2. Reasonably priced

The Reefoctopus Calfusion range  are well priced but I am not the biggest fan of Reef Octopus pumps, I also like the idea of trying something different. I had seen the Bubble Magus range of Protein Skimmers and they seem to get good feedback from people who owned them so when I came across their Calcium Reactors I thought I would give one  a try.  They have a very small footprint and in particular I liked the fact that they come with a MaxiJet Pump. The only problem I found was finding somewhere that sold the reactors. I finally came across www.reefshops.com both price and shipping were reasonable. 

After I placed the order I received an email from the owner that the item was not in stock, but he would have some in a week. I was happy to wait and sure enough within a week I received an email informing me the reactor had been shipped. I also a required a small refillable CO2 cylinder  and regulator. The regulator was easy I purchased a Tunze CO2 regulator from www.aquaria.com.au The CO2 cylinder was harder to find, due to lack of space I needed something quite small I finally found these from a company called King Keg. They normally sell through brewery shops, but since there was no shop in my locality they were happy to sell direct and ship it to me.

When the Calcium Reactor arrived I was impressed with the packaging, it took me at least half an hour to unpack.

 The reactor has a clear tube connecting the top of the reactor to the recirculating pump. This is used to recycle excess CO2 back through the media.


The reactor has a port for a pH probe which can be seen in the close-up of the top of the reactor.

The CO2  Cylinder will hold 2.6kg of CO2. The regulator meets Australian Standards so there should be no issue with refilling. The Tunze regulator fits onto the thread (this has been an issue recently with some CO2 bottles)

I am using Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonat Calcium reactor media, I have used it for many years and have been happy with it.

When I initially connected up the reactor I tried using the syphon method where water from the main aquarium is syphoned from the main tank into the reactor then expelled into the sump. This did not work too well and I eventually had to Tee off from the return pump.  My only criticism of the unit was the method of regulating t flow on the outlet pipe. I replaced it with a small irrigation gate valve which gives me more control over the flow.

I have been using the reactor for over a month now and it has been performing well keeping the Calcium at 420 ppm.

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