1/8 Black Rock Shooter PVC Black Blade Version

This is the second Black Rock Shooter figurine from GoodSmile and purchased from Hobby Link Japan. There is a complete range of figurines being released by  GoodSmile including other merchandise. This figurine arrived a couple of months ago and has since been discontinued though I suspect they will do a  re-release as they are doing with  1/8 Black Rock Shooter PVC in December.Here are just a few of the Black Rock Shooter items that will be available soon from Hobby Link Japan.

1/8 Black Rock Shooter Animation Version PVC I have this one on pre-order

1/8 Dead Master Original Version PVC also on pre-order

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter currently in stock

Nendoroid Dead Master Dec 2010 release

More can be found here

I had a lot of difficulty assembling this figure especially getting her cloak to stay attached.

Goodsmile pack their figures really well.

Here she is after much effort fully assembled.

With the macro shots you can appreciate the fine detail on this figure.

The base is a lot simpler and less detailed than the first model.

Side be side with the original

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