Asa Mizushima PVC

Another figurine arrived last week. This character is called Asa Mizushima and she is from the series Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro there are two versions of the series, I am guessing this figurines is from the adult anime version. I liked the attempt at  a water effect with this figure.


The figure is made by Gigapulse most figurines from this company are not suitable for public display.  This one looks innocent enough though the bikini is removable and with some add-ons that come in the package she can be posed in a totally different way in keeping with the adult nature of the series she is from.

I am always amazed how these figures are packed. It can take a good 30 min unpacking and removing all the protective plastic. I am always worried I am going to damage the figurine in the process of unpacking. If the clothing is removable as it was in with this figurine, it has to be removed in order to remove the packaging and I find it next to impossible to get everything to join back together again.







I am quite happy with this figure, the likeness to the original drawing is quite good. This is my second figurine from Gigapulse. The first is not wearing much, so not suitable to be photographed. She sits on a shelf well concealed by a number of strategically placed figurines. If you look carefully at my More Figures post you just might see her.

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